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The Gloss Master's Promise

We love cars more than you! With us, your car is not only in good hands, but the best hands. Our main aim here at The Gloss Master is to ensure your car shines with a perfect unblemished gloss. The depth of shine is paramount to how The Gloss Master does business. To add to this, we only use the best market-leading products, this ensures the end result is nothing shy of the best. Total customer satisfaction is always guaranteed, that's a promise.

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Standard Cut & Polish

This is the standard base-level cut and polish. With a clean car, we use a machine with a glaze designed to create a very high resolution shine. We then proceed to a hand polish the entire car with a professional Carnauba Wax to bring out that shine that everyone loves.

3 Stage Cut & Polish

The 3 Stage Cut and Polish involves prepping badly oxidised whites, reds and blues. First we clean the car to remove tree gum, overspray, tar, and any other nasties as well as using a sponge pad and cutting compound to strip oxidisation from the surface of paint. This ensures the paint work is in its original condition. We then hand polish the car with professional Carnauba Wax to give an amazing mirror finish to your pride and joy.

Forensic Cut & Polish

Our Forensic Cut and Polish involves paint correction and the removal of paint runs, uneven paint, overspray, scratches or the worst paint condition imaginable. Firstly, we carefully sand the paint with extremely fine sandpapers, we then use professional cutting compounds and sponge pads to machine cut the paintwork to its prestine original condition, and lastly we use a machine glaze and then a hand polish with professional Carnauba Wax to create a jaw-dropping gloss that only The Gloss Master can do.

Repaints & Touch Ups

We also do minor paint touch ups right through to full car resprays. If the paintwork is so far off that one of our professional cut and polishes can't fix it, we then bump it up a notch and do a full paint respray. An exact and precise colour match is guaranteed along with, of course, a gloss that is second to none.

The Gloss Master! The Gloss Master! The Gloss Master! The Gloss Master!