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Who Is The Gloss Master?

The Gloss Master specialises in the professional cut and polish of cars, mobile homes and boats. From the Standard Cut and Polish to the Forensic Cut and Polish, we promise to bring out your cars former glory in the form of the ultimate shine. We have 25 years experience in restoring the worst paint surfaces imaginable - this is no joke, we can make your paint work look brand new without using a single drop of paint! We also remove the nasty orange peel effect from new paint surfaces, scratches, brush marks, uneven paint retention, car wash marks, scuff marks or just plain horrible paint surfaces. We specialise in creating a mirror finished look that is worthy of a show car. If you want the wow factor, please get in touch with us today!

The Gloss Master's Promise

The Gloss Master team works on every car that enters the workshop with a real passion and dedication to create the best finish and shine your car has ever seen. We use the best market-leading products to give the car a long lasting gloss that will continue to amaze you. Total customer satisfaction is always guaranteed, that's a promise.

Mission Statement

The Gloss Master company exists to benefit every individual and car that it deals with. The basic idea of our business is straight forward. Our team is passionately dedicated to glossing up New Zealand one car at a time. There are no cutting corners where we come from, if you want the best finish you must use the best products and the best people for the job. We strive to please each and every customer, total satisfaction is guaranteed.